hiya friends! it’s time for talk back tuesday!

It’s that time of the week again, #TalkBackTuesday, when we post artwork submissions. Got something to share? Drop it here, taking care to include the artist’s name (your name!), the work’s title, and the year. Questions, comments, other thoughts are welcome too.

Though we can’t post everything that gets submitted, we appreciate everything you share. Thanks also for your likes, follows, and reblogs!

Art Rx


Christo, “Emballages de Revues” (1962). Part of the exhibition ‘The Paradox of Sculpture’, opening this week at the National Academy School (via nationalacademy.org)

Armory Week is over and thank goodness, we all can’t step inside another art fair for a while (or at least until May!). Catch your breath and go see these.

 MoMA CopyShop

When: Tuesday, March 11, 11.30am
Where: The Museum of Modern…

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