Who doesn’t love the work of Margaret Kilgallen? Three of her works (all pictured above) are featured at the Doyle New York Street Art sale this Monday, April 8.

"Offering the work of Margaret Kilgallen is a specific point of pride for me. In a sense, what this sale is about is championing a style of art that has been maligned and ignored. In Margaret Kilgallen, you have a tremendous young artist who passed far too soon and did not get her due – she only had four solo shows in her lifetime. With our first sale in October, we achieved a world record price for her work at auction, and in doing so, gained a lot of coverage for her and re-introduced her to a portion of the art world that may have missed out the first time around. If that’s my contribution, making people sit up and take notice to great artists; being part of what helps their legacy, that’s something I couldn’t be happier about. That’s really the goal for this auction as a whole – doing what we can to legitimize these artists, document their work and help secure their places in history.”

— Angelo Madrigale, Street Art specialist at Doyle New York