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Happy Tuesday tumblrinos and tumblrinas!

It’s newly September, and it’s #TalkBackTuesday, our weekly showcase for artwork submissions from artists on Tumblr. Drop off yours here, making sure to include your name/the artist’s name, the title, and the year it was made. If you have any questions or comments for us, send ‘em here.

Thank you all so much for all your submissions, notes, likes, reblogs, and follows!

4heads presents the Seventh Annual Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF), starting Saturday, September 6, and continuing every Saturday and Sunday in September. Run by artists for artists, New York’s largest independent exhibition enters its 7th year this fall, and this year the Governors Island–wide event is supported by Blick Art Materials, which is currently offering a special 20% store-wide discount to Hyperallergic readers.


The amazing Eric Schnell. Occupy Alley The Actors! Dennis Nance, Loli, Janet Phelps, Emily Sloan, David McClain, powhida, Lindsy Schnell, Andres Mireles, Brian Piana, jade townsend

A walk through a new art project by powhida and jademactownsend … opened last Saturday, August, 23, 2014, and runs until October.


'New New Berlin' curated by Janet Phelps at the Galveston Artist Residency, Galveston, TX.  Mixed media installation and performance by Jade Townsend and William Powhida. 2014

Some opening night shots. Building by building walk through in the posts below….  

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