Signs of Occupy Renewed

Yesterday, Occupy Wall Street showed the first signs of rejuvenation by springing up at Union Square, where they mingled with all types, not just bankers, and made a spirited declaration of sustaining what they began last fall. An assemblage of cardboard signs, banners and screen prints, along with the help of city councilmen and passersby, allowed the Occupiers to make enough of a ruckus to draw the ire of the NYPD and at least one protester was arrested for holding a piece of fabric too high for their liking. Later in the evening, a march for Travyon Martin brought the crowd to a thousand and temporarily shut down the Union Square subway station.

Perhaps, the American Spring is not a myth after all.

Today in Occupy NY Protests

Today, despite the late February rain and no park to call home, Occupy Wall Street did what they do best: protest. Sure, their numbers could have been bigger, but the guys bedecked in orange lycra bodysuits would have you remember that size doesn’t matter nearly as much as sheer enthusiasm, of which there was plenty.

The Occupy movement continues to inspire and educate with gestures of creativity that range from posters to something resembling performance art.